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New animation "Goals"

2017-01-30 09:47:41 by Hana55

New short Animation "Goals" coming soon!

When Kyle wakes up and finds a mysterious girl in his room...who's that girl? What does she want?...

Genre: fantasy, drama, comedy 

Art by: @magpieani5517841_148578745991_image.png

Fear society

2016-12-15 06:14:02 by Hana55

Fear society is finally out! check it out and enjoy! 

The first game that I wrote for!

2016-11-04 17:47:34 by Hana55

Check out our horror game! I helped writing one of the stories in the game! @zerodigitZ

Big project

2015-09-28 16:43:38 by Hana55

Hi I'm Hana I'm writer! If you need me in any project send me PM or email me i work for free!


I'm working on a project it's an anime series and i need artists,animators,voice actors and musicians! 

Every thing will work easily no stress!



2015-09-28 15:51:44 by Hana55

Hi I'm Hana, i'm a writer!

If u want me in any project just send me PM or email me I work for free!